Welcome to Bramble Family Farms, producer of extra virgin olive oil.  We started planting olive trees 18 years ago. The first trees that we planted were 6 inches tall. Today these trees are topped at 10 feet tall to aid in harvesting from ladders. We are continuing to plant trees and now have over 350 trees that are Italian, Spanish, French and American (Mission). We have been producing olive oil for about 10 years. The first harvest produced 1 gallon of oil. It took 66 pounds of olives to produce this much oil. Our oil is bottled in 375 ml bottles.

Our oil has been tested and certified by Agbiolab to be extra virgin olive oil.  We are also certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council. This year we won a Silver Medal at the California State Fair!

If you would like to order olive oil  we ship anywhere in the United States.  Go the contact page and complete the order form.

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  1. We really enjoyed your website, The olive oil making video was cool.

    Keep up the good work.

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