Making Olive Oil


Making olive oil starts with the harvest. We begin  at 8 am and stop around 5 pm.  We then transport the olives to Olivino in Hopland, CA.  They have a state of the art knife mill.   The olives are loaded into a bin, moved on a conveyor to a blower and water bath and then into the knife mill.  This cuts the olives into tiny pieces.  This product is moved into a malaxor where it stays for about 45 minutes with a screw device that helps to separate the oil, water and solids.    At the end of this process it goes into a high speed centrifuge that separates the oil and vegetable water from the solids.  Finally the water and oil are put in a vertical high speed centrifuge that separates the oil and water.  The pure oil is collected in a storage tank.  There are still small amounts of vegetable solids in the oil.  Letting it sit for about 2 months in a container with the oil covered by argon gas lets the remaining solids settle to the bottom.  The oil is then bottled, labeled and ready to be enjoyed.

I have included a short video showing the olive oil production process.

Olive Oil Pruduction