20 years ago we started planting olive trees. 35% of our olives are Arbequina. This is a mild Spanish variety. The next 50% is Leccino and Pendolino. These are Italian varieties that are considered medium in their bitterness and pungency components of the sensory analysis. The remainder of our olives are Piqual, Picholine, California Mission, Coratino and Itrana. This gives us a unique and complex tasting profile. This year the results of our sensory testing were 5 for fruitiness, 4.3 or bitterness and 5 for pungency. This is the most balanced olive oil we have produced.

Our olive oil is great drizzled on grilled fish, roasted potatoes and other grilled vegetables. It is great in a salad dressing with lemon juice, red wine vinegar and especially with any of our balsamic vinegars.

Our olive oil is sold in a 12.8 oz (375 ml) bottle.